How we film?

Our mode is to be as discreet as possible. Although it may look like we are just travellers with our small cameras, we take this extremely seriously and use our storytelling skills to capture what it is really like to be there. We capture professional 4K footage without the lights and disruption that large scale production companies say they need. Our work speaks for itself, and many our clients say they didn’t even know we were there. Your staff works hard and we work around them so they can do their jobs. Your customers came for an trip of a lifetime and we would never interrupt that experience.


Who we film?

Since we know that you would like to use this footage and video assets in as many places as possible – we strive to make sure there are no people in the final product so that you share this video far and wide in your marketing initiatives. You do not need releases from people in order to share the video. We set our productions to licensed music so that your story can be enjoyed by as many people around the world as possible without language barriers and can absorb your amazing experience that you want to portray.


Uses for video assets

We create this video for you to share your story. We provide you with a link to download your video.    You can share it on your social media channels, your website, with press and local tourism boards. What a better way to explain your experience than thru a video. We want to share your magic and help you promote your happy place.     We encourage you to send the video to as many partners as possible – our goal is to promote you.    If you are interested in having us help you get the video on your webpage, your social media needs, website design or additional re-edits,  please let us know.  We would be honoured to help!