International vacationers are itching to travel and have started their planning.   Tripscout is the only travel recommendation platform for the traveler that dreams every day about their next trip. It is the largest Travel network with over 100+ Instagram handles and reaching an audience of 10MM+ across social media.  The app has 1 million subscribers, and 300 million views per month on social media in 2021. We are creating content to feature on their platform. Our demographic is ‘baby boomers with zip’ – called “Zoomers”.   There will be no charge for this.

We are touring Western Europe collecting video of as many local experiences as we can. The result will be published as “How to Experience Western Europe” on TripScout, Destination Zoomer and other web properties.  In addition – you get all the videos to use in your marketing initiatives.


Railways connect towns and villages.   Eurail is the backbone of Europe for us to explore many amazing countries.    Starting in Paris, our goal over 6 weeks is to capture many towns and cities that Eurail services while showcasing the amazing amenities on board.   Each stop of two days will feature a local culinary experience and easy to access urban adventure that is walking distance from the trains.        We want to showcase what makes a European rail journey an adventure of a lifetime.



Free of rights

Can be shared with partners

  • 30 second promotional 4K highlight video from each stop (including the train + train station)

  • 5+ videos featuring experiences, accommodation, culinary, pubs + tours from each stop

  • 5 high-quality TripAdvisor reviews including three photos from each stop. Dave is a TripAdvisor Level 11 Expert.


All including relevant

@mentions + #hashtags


  • Transportation covered for a couple (Business or First class reserved seating)

Enhanced Package

  • Your logo + brand font + styling

  • Creative Control

  • Raw video footage assets download link

  • Instagram Guide

  • Additional media placements


  • Finalize Itinerary – July

  • Tour Dates – August 27 – October 8, 2021

  • Draft videos – September 10 – October 22 (two weeks after destination)

  • Final delivery – September 17 – October 22 (3 weeks after destination visit)

  • Content Published – Day of final delivery

This schedule provides a rough timeline only.  The dates are flexible to meet your needs and timing.


Alice is a talented freelancer who artfully captures the essence of a region through multiple video stories. Alice was attentive to our goals and keen to work with us in a way that was most beneficial for our organization. She is creative, flexible and quite simply, she delivers. Via our partnership with Alice, we were able to secure a media spot which garnered national exposure for the Yukon as a travel destination and showcased our experiences within a key target market.

Jennifer Glyka - Media Relations, Travel Yukon


We’ve had a Vancouver, BC Canada-based videography business for 18 years that specialized in life story biographies and corporate videos. I’m a videographer, editor, and digital content creator.   My husband Dave is a video/photo drone operator, photographer and sales/marketing specialist.

Two years ago we started Destination Zoomer to give back to the amazing travel industry, after we pivoted our video production business to focus on tourism + hospitality – Our Place Media.

As lifelong travellers – we love to meet new people, capturing your story and sharing it with the world.


Tripscout is building something totally different: a radically personalized digital escape for the modern traveler powered by insights and recommendations from thousands of local experts around the world. By turning its social media network of over 6 million followers into a go-to source for travel inspiration, Tripscout has also pioneered the science of “SEO for Instagram” and has helped drive massive views to traditional travel media organizations and local bloggers (over 1 million visits to travel publishers in the past few months alone). On its platform, Tripscout continues its meteoric rise in both users and engagement, climbing from 2 million to over 200 million views per month on social media in 2020, and surpassing more than 1 million app users.